Works 3-fold.

BRAINKINETIK® is more than meets the eye. The secret lies in the practice.

1. body-based brain training

2. emotion-based behavioural training

3. sensory-based mental training

With BRAINKINETIK® we transform stressful, limiting and obstructive patterns into supportive connections and patterns that are positively charged emotionally through successful experiences.


‘Various studies have shown that forms of movement cause numerous adaptations on a cellular, molecular and neurochemical level that influence emotional, social and cognitive processes. Reference is made to the gradual differences in these relationships at different ages

The article ‘Movement shapes the brain’ by Laura Walk from 2011 provides an overview of the influence that sport and movement have on brain processes.


  • Solutions and detours
  • Stability and load-bearing capacity
  • Stress resistance
  • Starting points for new ideas
  • Successful experiences
  • Self-confidence and self-awareness


And what's more...

  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Increase in cognitive intelligence and reserve.
  • Better coordination and flexibility.
  • Personal success and happyness.
  • Increased fatigue resistance.


Because we create new connections in the brain through novel, strange and complex focussing exercises.

This leads to a tighter network, more points of contact for learning new things and ultimately a change in (behavioural) patterns.

Put simply, we turn the pink existing network an extended green more closely meshed network.