At BRAINKINETIK® we want to focus on our core competency, movement. For this reason, we do not impose extensive conditions and regulations. Because we don't want to bind our members to us through contracts. Quite the opposite. We move people and want to convince people with our quality and methods. BRAINKINETIK® should be fun. Because as we know, this is the only way we can create the conditions for connections to emerge. So let's have fun, use common sense and just do it.

We therefore want to align our interactions with and among each other with the following motto:

“What you don’t want someone to do to you, don’t do it to anyone else!”

However, so that everyone involved in the “game” knows what game they are getting involved in and how best to behave for the benefit of everyone involved, we would like to give ourselves a few rules of the game. These are binding and must be respected by all players.

If they are disregarded or intentionally violated - which we do not hope for, but can definitely happen during a game - we at BRAINKINETIK® in the role of referee will use the appropriate options to issue a warning with a yellow card or exclude the player from the game with a red card.

General rules:

Mention of the word mark BRAINKINETIK®
As soon as you have completed a BRAINKINETIK® multiplier training, qualification or comparable, you are entitled to use the BRAINKINETIK® word mark - in written form in conjunction with the corresponding trademark ® - to tell other people what method (game) it is or which method to practice.

Example: I do BRAINKINETIK®.

As soon as you have successfully completed the BRAINKINETIK® BRAINER qualification, you are also entitled to use the BRAINKINETIK® word mark in conjunction with the name and patch BRAINKINETIK® BRAINER.



Use of the BRAINKINETIK® image/brand logo is expressly prohibited and only permitted to members of the BRAINKINETIK® BRAINER ACADEMY (BBA).

Likewise, the distribution and communication of training and qualification content in the form of formats with a continuing education and training nature is not permitted. Excluded from this are exercises that are practically instructed, taught and integrated as part of training courses.

Special rules for members of the BRAINKINETIK® BRAINER ACADEMY (BBA)

The BBA is a membership program that connects BRAINERs and offers members the opportunity to develop personally and in terms of BRAINKINETIK® in order to be successful as a BRAINER. As a member, you get everything you need to enjoy practicing BRAINKINETIK® on the market.

The following services and advantages only apply as long as you are a member of the BBA and pay the corresponding membership fee. The moment you are no longer a member, all rights regarding the special use (special game rules) of the BRAINKINETIK® brand are lost.

Use of the official current BRAINKINETIK® brand logo

As a member of the BBA you are entitled to use the official BRAINKINETIK® brand logo on the BRAINER website or in press releases.

The use of the logo on (own) marketing articles that were NOT created by BRAINKINETIK® or created as a (print) template is expressly prohibited.

For this reason, members are granted access or access

  • Access to the BRAINER community
  • Access to image pool and template texts
  • Scripts and documents for download
  • BRAINKINETIK® marketing material (for purchase)
  •  Live online braining including recordings
  • A new focus exercise every 2 months
  • Access specific exercise courses
  • One online training course per year (3 hours)
  • Participation in special BRAINER events
  • to templates for impulse training/lectures
  • to the BRAINKINETIK® map (BRAINER directory)