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Many companies invest their time and energy in creating and defining smart mission statements. We concentrate on our task and invest our energy in MAKING. Because nothing happens from wishing alone. That's why our approach is that we not only know the exercises, but that we CAN do them. This is the only way to create stable nerve connections that give us a feeling of self-confidence and self-assurance. Even if the path to the goal is sometimes arduous and perhaps less fun, if we keep at it and do it again and again, we will be rewarded with joy in the end.

BRAINKINETIK® is vital for me. For me, exercise for the brain and body is as much a part of a healthy life as eating, drinking and sleeping. Whether you want to or not. SIMPLY MAKE IT.

Oliver Rehbach
...that's why I decided to take over the BRAINKINETIK® brand in 2022 to continue the work of Josef Mohr. Because as a long-time trainer, speaker and instructor, it is important to me to offer people a playful way to connect with themselves and other people and to achieve their goals. I am proud to fulfil our vision and mission together as a team.
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Very simple.


Pure passion.