Online multiplier training for educators & teachers

In our multiplier training courses, we use a lively mix of theory and practice to teach teachers, educators and pedagogues everything they need to easily integrate BRAINKINETIK® in schools, kindergartens or other group training programs.

BRAINKINETIK® Conscious movement with the brain. Connecting since 1999.


"The "Education Trend 2021" study shows an alarming development in the level of education in Germany: Fewer and fewer fourth-graders are achieving the required minimum standard in reading, listening, spelling and arithmetic. The foundation "Die Gesundarbeiter - Zukunftsverantwortung Gesundheit" wants to counteract this together with BRAINKINETIK® and is therefore offering multiplier training courses on the topic of "brain-body training for children"."

Foundation "The Healthy Workers - Responsibility for the Future of Health"

BRAINKINETIK® specifically supports the development of flexible structures through age-appropriate exercises for pupils. The focus of all exercises is both on the multi-layered use of existing nerve connections and on the active promotion of new nerve connections, in order to thereby improve...

  • master school challenges better
  • become more concentrated and focused
  • Accelerate decision-making processes
  • Avoid black-out situations
  • improve perception

BRAINKINETIK® challenges the brain with strange and novel body movements to create the neural connections in the brain required to cope with and solve the task. These connections offer new solutions and make it possible to act and (re)act more stress-free and appropriately in the relevant situations. In addition, the experiences gained on the way to the exercise strengthen the Stamina "I can do it.", self-confidence "I can do it." and self-confidence "I have the confidence to do it.


Um Erzieher:innen und Lehrer:innen konkrete und praktisch anwendbare Möglichkeiten an die Hand zu geben werden 2024 noch 2 Online-Schulungen angeboten:

  • Wednesday, 18.09.2024 4 - 7 p.m.
  • Mittwoch, 13.11.2024 16 – 19 Uhr

Die Schulung am 13.11.2024 beinhaltet zusätzlich einen Impuls von Dr. Sabine Kubesch zum Thema exekutive Funktionen. Es wird aufgezeigt, wie wichtig die Stärkung des Arbeitsgedächtnisses, der Selbstkontrolle (Inhibition/Initiierung) und der kognitiven Flexibilität bei Kindern ist und welche Möglichkeiten BRAINKINETIK hierfür bietet.

Duration and implementation:

A training course lasts 3 hours and takes place LIVE online via ZOOM.

Participation is therefore possible from anywhere (with Internet access).

In addition to the LIVE training, all participants will receive access to the BRAINKINETIK® online platform, where they can watch supplementary videos and download a script and a certificate of attendance.

Participation fees:

The participation fees can be offered at a reduced price of only €19.90 per participant thanks to the support of the Foundation. Participation takes place after receipt of the online registration at the following address:

We look forward to a large number of participants and wish you lots of fun with BRAINKINETIK®.