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STATEMENT by Dr. Sabine Kubesch, INSTITUT BILDUNG plus, April 2024

BRAINKINETIK® trains mental performance - and it makes you happy.

BRAINKINETIK® exercises train the executive functions of the brain. The constant demand on attention, working memory and flexibility activates and promotes cognitive processes. In addition, they train the willingness to make an effort, stamina and willpower, as they represent a continuous challenge. 

I personally find the exercises very clever and, in contrast to other concepts and brain training programmes, it's not about more and more new exercises and constantly changing them (before you've even mastered an exercise), but rather comparatively simple exercises whose difficulty levels are increased by gradually combining arm exercises with leg exercises to create complex whole-body exercises. This approach of ‘knowing AND being able to do an exercise’ characterises BRAINKINETIK®, enables in-depth mastery of the exercises, creates a sense of achievement and promotes sustainable development of cognitive skills.

A remarkable advantage of BRAINKINETIK® is the possibility of using numerous exercises in a simple form as movement breaks in class or at work. This makes it possible to integrate physical activity into the learning and working process, which can have a positive effect on cognitive performance.

My positive experiences with the owners Oliver Rehbach and Chris Bröker emphasise the high quality and expertise of this approach. Their friendly manner and professional expertise contributed to the fact that we as participants enjoyed the exercises and were highly motivated. Particularly noteworthy was the humorous atmosphere during the exercises, which repeatedly led to us laughing heartily and smiling at ourselves. This positive experience not only increases well-being, but can also help to break down inhibitions and create an open and positive learning and working environment.

Based on these many benefits and positive experiences, I can highly recommend BRAINKINETIK® as a method for promoting cognitive performance and well-being. In future, I will be very happy to draw attention to the potential of BRAINKINETIK® in my training courses in order to make a further contribution to cognitive health and performance.

About Dr Sabine Kubesch: Dr Sabine Kubesch is a neuroscientist and sports scientist and heads the INSTITUT BILDUNG plus in Heidelberg. Together with her team, she investigates and develops support programmes for training executive functions and self-regulation in children and young people. She has been working on this topic since the late 1990s, first at the Psychiatric University Hospital in Ulm, then at the Transfer Centre for Neuroscience and Learning in Ulm, both under the direction of Prof. Manfred Spitzer.