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Imitation is the highest form of recognition. There are many copies, but none come close to the original.


...and has been connecting brains, bodies and people in a moving way since 1999.

With our unique exercise method, we offer people who are passionate about exercise a type-appropriate and systematic guide to achieving personal and sporting goals. The secret of success lies in the exercise.


Good ideas are first ridiculed, then fought against and finally copied.

Arthur Schoppenhauer

This was also the case with BRAINKINETIK®. Because ‘unfortunately’ trained trainers have repeatedly decided to offer the acquired knowledge on the market under another similar name such as ...KINETIK or BRAIN.... For this reason, today you can also find a number of other providers and brain training programmes which, on closer inspection, show that a large number of exercises are BRAINKINETIK® exercises.

Although this may cause confusion for the end customer, it is still a confirmation of the good idea for us. After all, our ultimate aim is to get as many people as possible moving. Who moves the people is therefore not decisive for us. It is much more important to us that the movement is carried out with the appropriate awareness. Because even if an exercise appears to look the same, it is awareness that determines whether and how it works.

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From 1999 until today.


Exercise, model and method.

The original

BRAINKINETIK® distinguishes itself as The original The main difference between this method and other concepts and methods in the field of brain training is that it focuses specifically on the unique elements of learning. In particular, the number of repetitions and the mastering the exercise plays a decisive role. This is the only way to create new stabile to create stable nerve connections that build the basement for learning and resilience. für Learning und Resilienz bilden.

Braining with intensive load
A pioneering study by neurologists at Münster University Hospital has shown that vocabulary learning, for example, is 20 per cent faster after intensive, anaerobic exercise.

Physical + cognitive brain training
Studies show that coordinative exercises have a direct positive impact on cognitive abilities. BRAINKINETIK® goes one step further and combines physical and cognitive training to specifically promote executive functions.

New nerve connections
The neuroplasticity of the brain makes it possible to influence brain structures and functions through conscious movement. By promoting the formation of new nerve cells and increasing neurotrophic growth factors, not only cognitive but also emotional and social functions are influenced.

Promote self-efficacy
When students do sport, they learn self-efficacy, i.e. they learn: ‘I can do it.’ and ‘If I try hard, I'll get better.’ When you train, you learn, and gradually you master a movement that you couldn't do before, and that gives you immediate pleasure and success.

Learning makes happy
In this way, pupils learn that learning is fun and leads to success. And if they also master a stressful exercise and then demonstrate it, they learn that they are able to overcome their own concerns and fears.

Activation of serotonin
The particular strength of BRAINKINETIK® lies in the targeted activation of serotonin, which not only supports the ability to self-regulate, but also stimulates the growth factor BDNF and promotes the formation of new nerve cells in the hippocampus, which is responsible for promoting learning and memory processes.

Unique combination
Overall, BRAINKINETIK® proves to be the original in brain training, uniting the essence of learning in a unique combination of intensive physical training, cognitive focus and social learning.