Short and crisp.

Our moving break is the ideal break during a conference, meeting or other gathering.


Whether before or after a meal or simply in between. Conscious movement with a brain is always a good change of pace and is always a good idea when you need to switch off for a moment.


"It's really cool how quickly you switch off and are completely out of it."


Through our BRAINER network we offer you (depending on the location) the opportunity to win a qualified BRAINER for a BRAININGbreak. Just let us know where and when you would like a break. We will then immediately check whether a BRAINER is available in your area.


As an alternative to a break in presence on site, we offer you the opportunity to access one of our ONLINE BRAININGbreaks and play it via screen, beamer or similar. The individual breaks last between 6 and 12 minutes and can be carried out both sitting and standing and do NOT require any equipment. It's best to request a quote directly and give it a try.


Are you interested in a BRAININGbreak? Then simply request your individual offer now. Please let us know when and where your event should take place and approximately how many participants you expect. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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